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    2019-09-29 09:15




      Disagree or agree:Some people think that the most important quality in choosing the leader of a school organization or club is honesty.


      Leaders of all kinds should have lots of qualities in order to thrive together with the team. Persistence, passion, confidence and personal charisma, to name a few. When it comes to question of whether honesty is the most important qualities of all for a leader in a student organization, I, personally, would say honesty is definitely not the most important even though it is a contributing factor for a qualified leader and there are other qualities that are more urgent than being honest.

      First off, being a good listener and able to communicate well with fellow members can be more important than being honest. Only when a leader sits down and listens patiently to problems and concerns of his or her members, can he or she become an effective leader in a student organization. Also, being an effective communicator can also be equally important since it is essential to convey emotions and ideas clearly to others, and when the leader get his or her ideas across to the fellow members, it enjoys a better chance to be implemented. A leader with exceptional communication skills is very confidence and personable when they are interacting with others. Since they can grab the listeners’ attention, it is very easy for them to build rapport with strangers and thus they enjoy better chance to broaden their social networks.

      Additionally, it is more essential for leaders of student organizations to be compassionate about the community and set exemplars for their fellow members than just being honest. Actually, lots responsibilities of student leaders involve various volunteer programs and philanthropic activities, if leaders of students body are not committed to getting involved in charitable activities, there will be a lack of energy level and passion among his or her fellow members. To be more specific, students organizations involved in lots of volunteer activities, like collecting food, managing the inventory and distributing food to those in need. They also volunteer in homeless shelters to prepare food or even work behind the scene in the business office. If leaders are motivated to take the initiative and contribute their time and other resources to the community in the first place, chances are that his or her members would follow suit.

      In all, students leaders should have more important qualities other than being honest like excellent communication skills, compassion about their community and dedication to their endeavors.







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